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Tube Speaker - Silver


Twin Amplifiers Give the Speakers 3D Stereo Sound. Hearing is believing.

Welcome to the TUBE docking station.

You will be amazed how clear and crisp the music quality this portable speaker can produce. The exceptional design is made from solid aluminium, coated with a toughened gloss finish. It features touch volume control, luminous power indicator and a good bass sound.

Powered by a USB Cable or four AAA batteries or UK mains DC charger (not provided). This gives you the added option to suit any location you choose to use your dock. The stereo effect produced from the dock gives the impression of three dimensional sound. Also another attractive aspect of the TUBE is its size. Sitting at 19.5cm x 4.5cm x 4.5cm, just goes to show that volume and quality is achievable and it comes from this little baby.

The TUBE docking station offers you everything you need from a portable speaker, Original Design, ipod and iphone compatibility that includes the 3GS & 4 versions. When plugged into UK Mains Charger the docking station also charges your iPod/iPhone. We do believe this is the best portable speaker available on the market in its class, totally blows away its competition within its price range. TWO Speakers NOT ONE